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Welcome to Pizzorante!

We are an Italian restaurant and pizzeria in the central market area of Abergavenny. As a family run restaurant, the atmosphere is relaxed, welcoming and family friendly, just like our food!

In fact, everything is homemade at Pizzorante, from the furniture to the food; through the open-plan kitchen you are able to see your food being made to order, as you are comfortably seated at your table (also made by us!)

We can also cook food out of the menu, as long as we have the ingredients, please feel free to ask for the classic Italian dishes.


Rigatoni Carbonara    14.50

Guanciale (cured pig’s cheek), black pepper, pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese) and egg

Spaghetti Amatriciana       14.50

Tomato sauce, guanciale (cured pig’s cheek) and pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese)

Tagliatelle Bolognese 15.00

Traditional home-made bolognaise sauce with beef and pork

Penne Puttanesca        15.00

Black olives, capers, anchovies, garlic and chilli in tomato sauce

Spaghetti Napoletana 13.00

Tomato and basil sauce

Spaghetti Aglio olio e peperoncino   11.50

Garlic, chilli and olive oil

Penne Arrabbiata       13.00

Chilli, garlic and parsley in tomato sauce

Penne Pesto     14.50

Home-made basil pesto